About Us

Teaching students to love music is what we do best.  We believe that music education should move  beyond the daily grind and towards appreciation of music and how it impacts us.  Afterall, our mantra is "music education from the heart". 


Hoping to inculcate more students to know the "Why" in learning and achieve more for themselves, was the primary driving force for our founder Ms. Janice Ong to start Presto Studios.



We are committed to be the preferred music school that develops passionate musicians by providing them with the ability to learn music independently and to have an enjoyable and fulfilling journey. 



- Tailoring the lessons to each individual student.  Using our curriculum to guide the students to learn the basic fundamentals with an approach that will steer interest and motivation.

- Teaching students the fundamental building blocks so that they can apply them to their learning and practicing.

- Creating structured learning framework, performance platforms and holiday courses to enhance learning all year round. 

- Providing wholesome music education and providing the fundamental building blocks.

- Charting goals and milestones throughout students' learning journey.

Our Values

Deliver value through wow service

At Presto Studios, we believe in the ability to deliver WOW service.  We do not want to be just a mediocre school.  We want to stand out from other schools in terms of our WOW service.   We must WOW in every interaction with co-workers, clients, beneficiaries, the community and investors.  We are here not just because we are making a living, but we want to make a difference in other’s life. 


Embrace and drive change

In today’s society, everything is moving so fast and the world is changing constantly.  We believe that change is the only constant.  As a small company that is constantly striving growth and improvement, change is inevitable.  Our mindset towards change must be a positive one and for the betterment of the business and the students. 


Pursue growth and learning

We believe that to be an educator, we need to be educated constantly.  We encourage our employees to go further than just the norm.  As a company, we do not want to stay on the same level but to keep advancing and learning.  We, as educators, are the leaders of tomorrow and therefore, learning should be a lifelong aspiration.  Above all, to lead the next generation of students, we need to constantly gain wisdom so that we can be their role models. 


Build a positive team and united spirit

We believe that business profits most when everyone is working together smoothly as a team.  We value positive team spirit, encouragement for each other to collaborate as we focus on a common team goal. 


Do more with less

We always strive to bring our best.  It’s about quality and not quantity and we strive to deliver that with an iterative, fast-paced approach.


Founder and Principal Janice Ong began teaching full-time in 2006. Fast forward a few years, with a new and larger premise, Presto Studios was born.
With an excellent track record of grooming students (achieving merits and distinctions in the ABRSM exams), but more importantly, she believes in imparting life-long appreciation for music. Alongside with us are the most valuable assets – our dedicated and skilled educators.
Dedicated and committed to excellence in coaching every student, our team will go the extra mile, because our mantra is ‘music education from the heart’. But don’t just take our word for it, watch and listen to our students. This is the most valid testimony to our work. Enjoy.
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