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31st March 2018, Presto Studios Lounge Area

Join us for our first ever open level, full dressed competition! Our performing students for the first time ever, can choose their own favourite theme song and dress up thematically according to the pieces they have chosen to perform! 

We have even invited guest judge - education sector experts to give critique on showmanship, fluency and creativity through costumes!  Trophies and exciting prizes worth up to $500 awaits the winners!

Event details
Date/Day:            31st March, Saturday
Venue:                  Presto Studios 
Registration Fee:    $10
Registration End:   12th February 2018

Romantic Music Showcase 2017

6 October 2017, 12 - 2pm, Presto Studios

In conjuncton with our Romantic Music Display which will be wrapped up in September, we will be holding a Romantic Music Showcase to reinforce our students understanding of the romantic period.  

There is much to be learnt in your music learning journey, especially when music evolves over time, from the Baroque to the modern period.  What is special about Romantic music?  What type of composing style does Beethoven, Lizst or Chopin use that makes their music so beautiful?  

Join Teacher Cecilia and the rest of our team and have a fun-filled Children's Day.  

Violin Solo Recital

Solo Violin Recital

8 July 2017, 12.45 - 1.45pm, Presto Studios

Our inaugural piano accompaniment project with student Cheng Wei Ler, who was learning grade 8 piano theory with us.  We worked together with him and provide the piano accompaniment service for his Diploma examination.

Watch more of his performances here.

Young Talent Series I

Young Talent Series I - 30 April 2017

Young Talent Series II - 29 July 2017

Young Talent Series III - 29 October 2017

Presto Studios

Informal platforms for the students to showcase their work and learnt pieces.  Learning piano is about sharing your music with others.  


What better way to do that than having the opportunity to perform in front of your peers, parents and teachers.    

Classical Music Showcase

Classical Music Showcase

24 June 2017, 10 - 11.30am, Presto Studios

What better way to educate the students than to hold a music showcase with piano performances?  

A lecture on the musical features of classical period followed by two "Live" performances on Facebook by our teachers Cecilia Ratna and Eileen Lukito.  

Baroque Music Showcase

Baroque Music Showcase 2017! New

17 March 2017, 12.45 - 1.45pm, Presto Studios

A whole new series of musical showcase for this year.   Our prize winning teacher and performer, Ms. Cecilia Ratna gave a live performance on Facebook.  In addition, she gave a workshop on the baroque music period.  It was a whole afternoon of fun as students listened and completed worksheets and quizzes.

Piano Diploma Performance Recital

Piano Solo Recital by Cai Yi Zhan

22 February 2017, 12.45 - 1.45pm, Presto Studios

Yi Zhan had been learning with Ms. Janice before Presto Studios was born.  A great student with great determination.  He graduated with a diploma in performance after about 10 years of learning with us.  The solo recital was held just before his exam to help with his preparation.  

Piano Performance at Esplanade

Young Musicians Festival 2016: 

The Evolution of Classical Music Throughout The Ages

10 June 2016, 5.30pm - 6.30pm, library@esplanade


Catch our students  performing to the classical tunes from the classical era, from Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern to 21st Century, and learn more about each composer through our little performers' sharing!  Our teachers, Teacher Cecilia & Teacher Yi Lin will also be performing a duet to wrap up the session! 

Steinway Gallery & Presto studios

The Great Classics @ Steinway Gallery

12 December 2015,  1.30pm - 4 pm, Steinway @ Palais Renaissance


We partnered with Steinway Gallery Singapore, to bring to the audience familiar piano classics performed by our little aspiring pianists.   

View Event Photos Here

1st Inaugural Performance at Esplanade Library

26 July 2015,  3.30 - 4.30pm, library@esplanade


Our 1st inaugural performance at the Esplanade library kicked off well with 14 students performing on the open stage.  Students from the junior level to diploma level performed a few famous classical pieces and provided much entertainment to the audience.  

View Event Photos Here

Piano No Mori

(The Piano Forest)

My Favourite Songs

15 November 2014,  2pm - 4 pm, Alliance Francias Theatre

Students gathered at this recital to play their favourite tunes.  There were music from various genres of music - classical, duets, popular songs, rock and roll and many more.  


View Event Photos Here
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