From Young Talent Series to Holiday Workshops, Internal Piano Competition to Annual Recital, we create various platforms for our students to showcase their talents.  

Let's Make Music Together!

23 November 2019, 3 - 5pm

Recital Studio @ Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre


A huge part of being a musician is the test of their co-ordination skills; from the day to day sight-reading skills, to fingers and pedalling skills, to simply co-ordinating with other musician to make beautiful music together – think duets, orchestras, music bands etc.  And this year, to spice up our usual recital, we are cordially inviting all to join in the fun! Parents, siblings and even friends* as well! Let’s us all make music together!

Musical Voyage

25 November 2018, 3 - 5pm

Recital Studio @ Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre


Join us on an adventure of a lifetime around the world! Escape with us to the various continents through representational tunes that each continent has to offer. Voyage from Asia to Europe with familiar repertoires from famed composers like Yiruma (Korea, Asia), George Gershwin (USA, North America) and Mozart (Salzburg, Europe) and many more!


Expect more than just the regular piano solo performance! We have also lined up other types of performances, including String ensemble and our first ever Choir, chaired by Teacher Cecilia Ratna. Our little talents will also be bringing to you familiar tunes using only hand-bells! Also, keep a lookout for our exclusive


Book your tickets to our first ever flight onto the musical voyage now!

Sound of Colours

8 June 2018, 3.30 - 5pm,  library@esplanade


Sounds of Color refer to different colors in the music that we produce or rather play on the piano. Each rainbow color represents a key on the piano and it exudes a different kind of feeling. The following chart shows different meaning of colors with different music keys.

Students will be performing piano pieces ranging from different keys to represent different colors. Besides piano performances, we will also be featuring special performances by our beginner students who will be making music on hand bells and boom whackers.  These tuned percussion instruments are coloured accordingly to the chart above and they will add some flavor to the entire program. 

Presto X-Facto

31 March 2018, 10 - 1pm, Presto Studios


Do you have what it takes to claim it all?  Our first ever open level internal piano competition.

The objective of this event is to create a platform for students to express themselves musically and creatively, through costume, showmanship, and overall speech delivery, to effectuate every child’s piano learning journey.

Classical Music Showcase 2017!

24 March 2017, 10 - 11.15am, Presto Studios

The second series of the Classical Music Showcase.  Be engaged and motivated as Teacher Cecilia Ratna gives a presentation on the classical period.      


Highlight of this event will be the two "live" performances on Facebook by Teacher Cecilia Ratna and Teacher Eileen Lukito.  Don't miss out this opportunity to watch your teachers perform Live.  

Baroque Music Showcase 2017! New

17 March 2017, 12.45 - 1.45pm, Presto Studios

A whole new series of musical showcase for this year.   Our prize winning teacher and performer, Ms. Cecilia Ratna will be running 4 musical showcases this year.  The first one being the baroque series.  Look out for the upcoming ones:

June - Classical Music Showcase

September - Romantic Music Showcase

December - 20th Century Music Showcase


Highlight of this event will be the live performance on Facebook.  Adding on to that, she will be giving a short introduction to students on the musical period and features.  Free Admission for Student from Grade 5 and above.  

Solo Recital by Cai Yi Zhan

22 February 2017, 12.45 - 1.45pm, Presto Studios

Join us for a solo piano recital by our student Yi Zhan who is currently preparing for his DipABRSM Performance examination.  He will be performing 4 repertoires from 4 musical periods.  

Come and support him in the last lap of his learning journey.  

Young Musicians Festival 2016: The Evolution of Classical Music Throughout The Ages

10 June 2016, 5.30pm - 6.30pm, library@esplanade


Catch our students  performing to the classical tunes from the different era, from Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern to the 21st Century, and learn more about each composer through our little performers' sharing!  Our teachers, Teacher Cecilia & Teacher Yi Lin will also be performing a duet to wrap up the session! 

Piano Recital at Steinway Gallery

The Great Classics @ Steinway Gallery

12 December 2015,  1.30pm - 4 pm, Steinway @ Palais Renaissance


We have partnered with Steinway Gallery Singapore, to bring to you familiar piano classics performed by our little aspiring pianists for Presto Studios' Annual Recital! 

1st Inaugural Performance at Esplanade Library

26 July 2015,  3.30 - 4.30pm, library@esplanade


Our 1st inaugural performance at the Esplanade library kicked off well with 14 students performing on the open stage.  Students from the junior level to diploma level performed a few famous classical pieces and provided much entertainment to the audience.  

Piano No Mori

(The Piano Forest)

My Favourite Songs

15 November 2014,  2pm - 4 pm, Alliance Francias Theatre

Students gather at this recital to play their favourite tunes.  There were music from various genres of music - classical, duets, popular songs, rock and roll and many more.  


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