Janice Ong

Principal and Master Trainer

DipABRSM, Piano Teaching (ABRSM, U.K.)

Grade 8, Theory (ABRSM, U.K.)

Bsc. NUS (Hons)


Having gone through a rough start on her own music learning journey, our principal, Ms Janice Ong understands the challenges and appreciates the importance of having a strong foundation. Coupled with her immense passion for developing individuals, Presto Studios was born - with the vision of providing aspiring learners and young children a wholesome piano education, and to inspire lifelong learning. 

With over 20 years of teaching experience, many students under her tutelage have all achieved stellar results. From beginners to diploma students, many  had successfully turn around their backsliding interest, to scoring high distinctions in their ABRSM exams, giving students the boost of confidence needed to push them on in their learning journey. Committed to bringing out the best in every student, she put her heart and soul into every lesson.


To her, 'The best teachers teach with their heart and not by the book'. 

Chiara Choi 

Executive Piano Instructor

Masters of Fine Arts in Music (Piano Major), Tunghai University

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music (Piano Major), Tunghai University

Passionate about teaching and grooming students, Chiara helms more than 8 years of experience under her belt, teaching a plethora of student profiles both in Malaysia & Taiwan. Beyond the textbooks, what motivates her daily is the belief that learning music helps one appreciate lives’ subtle nuances better. To her, music is the only language that encompasses all – literature, history, math and even physical education. But above all, it teaches one to be human; to love, embrace pain, learning empathy, and to recognise the beauty in life.


Her passion also led to her return to Tunghai University in Taiwan; to further her studies on a full scholarship for her bachelor & masters, after teaching for a few years. She subsequently graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA. During her time in school, she also picked up an interest for choral singing, with active involvement in planning and management of events of various scale, as their VP. She is also an accomplished performer and has accompanied for various instruments, including vocals, strings, woodwind for exams, competitions and concerts.

Joanne Yap

Senior Piano Instructor

Master’s Degree in Piano Performance, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance, University Putra Malaysia

Joanne started her piano journey more than 20 years ago, and she has been coaching in several countries, including Malaysia and in the UK for over 9 years; whilst pursuing her Master’s Degree in Piano Performance at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Beyond coaching, Joanne is also a seasoned performer; both on piano and the trumpet. Her growing years as a musician has also led her to active involvement with different orchestras and symphonic bands.


With her cheerful and bubbly nature, she believes that music can bring hope and joy to every individual. To her, “when hope exists, everything is possible”. She believes in giving students ample encouragement and sharing her enthusiasm, which will help spur student’s intrinsic nature to better themselves, and overcome any challenges along their music learning journey.

Kit Hui Min

Piano Instructor

Bachelor of Music (Honours) in Contemporary Music, USCI Malaysia
ABRSM Theory & Practical Grade 8

A passionate all-rounder, Hui Min’s musical journey started since she was 8 years old, and she continued to pursue various aspects of contemporary music; including pop music composition, stage productions, both as a performer (piano & vocal) and as a crew. An advocate for volunteerism, she has also provided help as part of earthquake relief team in Japan back in 2011.

Beyond all the stage exposures, Hui Min’s humanistic streak is what drives her true passion; to be able to impact the next generation of young learners through music. With over 4 years of classical piano teaching experience, she has taught students of various ages. She holds dearly to a strong belief that a good & early start in music education can help build-up beneficial characteristics such as patience, determination, confidence and most importantly, the courage to overcome fears, especially in young children. 

To Hui Min, music is the most effective and non-judgemental way to bring joy and comfort into one’s life, regardless of race, age. It is meant to be shared and enjoyed universally!  

Elaine Ding

Senior Piano Instructor - Relief

Masters’s Degree in Music Education, Silver Lake College Wisconsin, USA

Trinity College Diploma in Piano Performance (LTCL)


Ms Elaine Ding graduated from Silver Lake College in Wisconsin, USA with a Masters degree in Music (Education) specializing in Kodály studies. She was the Head of the Music Education Department at Universitas Pelita Harapan, Jakarta, Indonesia and has led and organized several teacher training programs for music teachers as well. 

Elaine’s special interest and area of expertise is in the musical training of young children. To her, early perceptions and memories of childhood music can be turned into strong musical foundations by a skilled teacher. With her experience in Kindermusik, Kodaly, Dalcroze and Orff methodologies, she has taught in various schools; in music classrooms settings to students of all ages. She is also trained in the Suzuki method for piano.

Under the tutelage of Singaporean teachers, Ms Teo Kuen Hwa and Mrs Josephine Sirtorie, Elaine has been learning piano since age of 5. Beyond the ABRSM exams, she has also obtained the Trinity College Diploma in piano performance (LTCL). She is currently a member of the Singapore Music Teachers Association, Suzuki Talent Education Association of Singapore, and the International Kodály Society.

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