Regular Theory Lessons

Theory is the language of music.  Just like English language, it has structures, forms and rules to follow, music too, has its own set of structures, forms and rules. Music theory examines how music works, its language and notations and the overall structure of how music elements (rhythm, chords, scales, melody, harmony and texture) are pieced together resulting in a complex piece.  Music theory is the stepping-stone to playing beautiful pieces of music.  Once you are able to read the notations on a score, you are set to learn how to play anything.  


This course will be suitable for students who haven't taken theory lessons before and would like to have a stronger foundation. 


Lesson Duration

60 minutes per class.


Course Duration

  • Grade 1 - 3: Approximately 3 - 6 months per grade

  • Grade 4 - 5: Approximately 6 - 9 months per grade

  • Grade 6 - 8: Approximately 9 - 12 months per grade


N.B. Students with prior knowledge and training in theory will require less time to complete the syllabus.

 Theory Crash Course 

Admission requirements:

  • Minimum age of 9 years old

  • Possess performing skills in their chosen instrument at a level similar to the ABRSM Grade 3 and above.  If the student is unaware of what their playing ability level is, we will be able to determine that during the trial class.

  • The student must already know how to read most music notes from a score.


What will be achieved:

  • The student will have sufficient theoretical knowledge to sit for an ABRSM Grade 5 theory examination.

  • The student will learn the fundamentals of music composition.

  • The student will learn to understand the theory of music better, enabling him/her to sight read the music scores better.

  • The student will have the basic theory knowledge to be applied to future aural skills.


Lesson Duration

60 minutes​

Course Duration

​6 months

  Aural Training Crash Course 

Aural training is a fundamental criterion in the development of a complete musician. All music examination boards include aural tests as part of their examination assessment thereby further stressing the importance of this fundamental skill. The ability to incorporate the following skills is just some of the benefits attained when aural skills have been developed:

> Transcribe melodies, and identify minor and major chords by ear
> Sing in tune
> Add improvisations to your performances
> Perform with other musicians
> Compose your own music
> Tune your instrument

We offer aural courses only from grade 1 to grade 8. Crash courses are available for students who want to take only a specific grade as required for their exams.


Lesson Duration

45 minutes per class


Course Duration

Grade 1 - 3: 1 - 3 months

Grade 4 - 5: 2 - 4 months

Grade 6 - 8: 3 - 6 months

N.B. Students with prior knowledge and training in aural will require less time to complete the syllabus.

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