Let's Make Music Together 2019

23 November 2019, 3 - 5pm

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

A huge part of being a musician is the test of their co-ordination skills; from the day to day sight-reading skills, to fingers and pedalling skills, to simply co-ordinating with other musicians to make beautiful music together – think duets, orchestras, music bands etc.  


This year, we welcome all to join us, as we spice up our usual routine, by doing our first-ever duets only annual recital. Everyone is invited! Parents, siblings and even friends* as well! Bring out your talent in other instruments; strings, vocals etc! Let’s all make music together! 

Musical Voyage 2018

25 November 2018, 3 - 5pm

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Join us on an adventure of a lifetime around the world! Escape with us to the various continents through representational tunes that each continent has to offer. Voyage from Asia to Europe with familiar repertoires from famed composers like Yiruma (Korea, Asia), George Gershwin (USA, North America) and Mozart (Salzburg, Europe) and many more!


Expect more than just the regular piano solo performance! We have also lined up other types of performances, including String ensemble and our first ever Choir, chaired by Teacher Cecilia Ratna. Our little talents will also be bringing to you familiar tunes using only hand-bells! Also, keep a lookout for our exclusive keep a lookout for our exclusive memorabilia, including our very own Presto passport and boarding passes, to crusade this musical voyage with us


5 September 2018, 12.30 - 2.30pm,

Presto Studios Lounge Area


Masterclasses with Pamela Krakauer and Cecilia Ratna (not pictured).  Join us as two of our students Rebekah & Yi Hang, who are currently pursuing diploma in piano performance will be performing some of the pieces of their performance program for masterclass critique. 

Ms. Pamela Krakauer is a distinguished external speaker, whom we have invited to share her insights.  Together with our senior teacher, Ms. Cecilia Ratna, join us for an afternoon of sharing with experts of the field!  Get objective diagnosis and useful tips on efficient practice.  Gain a deeper understanding for stylistic awareness, to help you progress towards your long-term goals.

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